Sentence Examples with the word doubtfully

She eyed them doubtfully but popped one into her mouth.

It is doubtfully referred to in the book of ancient poems edited by Confucius, all of which are previous in date to 550 B.C. A tradition exists in China that a knowledge of tea travelled eastward to and in China, having been introduced S43 A.D.

She eyed him doubtfully and then turned back to her packing.

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He was buried at the church of Faareveille, where a coffin, doubtfully supposed to be his, was opened in 1858.

The word geography did not appear before Aristotle, Aristotle's the first use of it being in the llepi Kovp.wv, which is one of the writings doubtfully ascribed to him, and H.

Jurassic SystemThis system is not known with certainty in the eastern half of the United States, though there are some beds on the mid-Atlantic coast, along the inland border of the coastal plain, which have been thought by some, on the basis of their reptilian fossils, to be Jurassic. The lower and middle parts of the system are but doubtfully represented in the western interior.

A ruin still exists which may be doubtfully attributed to the latter (Dubois, p. 192).

The sandstones with gypsum, copper and sulphur of Dombe are doubtfully considered to be of Triassic age.

When New Zealand was occupied (1840) the Maori were said to number 120,000, and were doubtfully stated to be still 56,000 in 1857; since then the returns of the 1881 and 1891 censuses gave 44,000 and 40,000 respectively.

A Hypothesis Doubtfully Attributed To Maxwell Is That Each Additional Atom In The Molecule Is Equivalent To Two Extra Degrees Of Freedom.