Sentence Examples with the word double-edged

Russian aid, though promptly offered, was too double-edged a weapon to be used save at the last extremity.

The sword is of Greek and Roman age, always double-edged and of iron.

It is, however, as Cardinal Hergenrdther points out, possible to exaggerate its importance in this respect; a charter purporting to be a grant by an emperor to a pope of spiritual as well as temporal jurisdiction was at best a double-edged weapon; and the popes generally preferred to base their claim to universal sovereignty on their direct commission as vicars of God.

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Bayle also paraded the opposition between reason and revelation; but the argument in his hands is a double-edged weapon, and when he extols the merits of submissive faith his sincerity is at least questionable.

A cuttingout knife, for slicing through textiles, began double-edged (26) in the 1st Dynasty, and went through many single-edged forms (27-29) until it died out in the XXth Dynasty (Man, 1901, 123).

That was a double-edged hurt, though, because Alex adored his adoptive father.

They carried double-edged swords and short daggers for use hand to hand, the steel of which was hardened b y being buried underground; their defensive armour was a light Gallic shield or a round wicker buckler, and greaves of felt round their legs.