Sentence Examples with the word double salt

Its composition approaches the formula CaOC1 2, and it is regarded as a double salt of calcium chloride and hypochlorite, which by the action of water splits up into a mixture of these salts.

Sandmeyer, Ber., 1887, 20, p. 1494) by the action of copper powder on the double salt formed by the addition of potassium mercuric nitrite to diazonium nitrites; and by the oxidation of primary aromatic amines (E.

The mother liquors are concentrated, and the double salt of composition 2KF CbOF 3 H 2 O, which separates, is decomposed by sulphuric acid, or by continued boiling with water (C. Marignac; see also G.

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On concentration the double salt separates as hexagonal tables.