Sentence Examples with the word dortmund

It is important as the centre of the flourishing cotton-spinning and weaving industries of the Twente district; while by the railway via Gronau and Koesfeld to Dortmund it is in direct communication with the Westphalian coalfields.

From about 1299 Lubeck presided over a league of cities, Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund, Greifswald and some smaller ones, and this Hansa of towns became heir to a Hansa of traders simultaneously on the eastern and the western sea, after Lubeck and her confederates had been admitted to the same privileges with Cologne, Dortmund and Soest at Bruges and in the steelyards of London, Lynn and Boston.

See Thiersch, Geschichte der Freireichsstadt Dortmund (Dort, 1854), and Ludoff, Bauand Kunstdenkmdler in Dortmund (Paderborn, 1895); also A.