Sentence Examples with the word dormouse

Before retiring they become very fat, and at such times the edible dormouse is a favourite article of diet on the Continent.

The fur of the dormouse is tawny above and paler beneath, with a white patch on the throat.

Constricted between the oesophagus and pylorus; while in the dormouse the oesophagus immediately before entering the stomach is much dilated, forming a large egg-shaped bag with thickened glandular walls; and in certain other species, as in Lophiomys and.

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At the beginning of the cold season the common dormouse retires to its nest, and curling itself up in a ball, becomes dormant.

The common dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius, ranging from England to Russia and Asia, is of the size of a mouse and mainly chestnutcoloured.

One or more species of bats are peculiar to the country - Vespertilio stampflii, and perhaps Roussettus biittikoferi; two species of shrew (Crocidura), one dormouse (Graphiurus nagtglasii); the pygmy hippopotamus (H.