Sentence Examples with the word doorway

Welsh tradition does not know him; early Italian records, which have preserved the names of Arthur and Gawain, have no reference to Lancelot; among the group of Arthurian knights figured on the architrave of the north doorway of Modena cathedral (a work of the 12th century) he finds no place; the real cause for his apparently sudden and triumphant rise to popularity is extremely difficult to determine.

She crossed more boldly this time, terrified of seeing the doorway close behind her before she'd made it through another one.

Jake's voice came from the doorway of the bathroom.

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A tall figure darkened the doorway and she looked up to find Cade watching her.

He paused in the doorway to allow a familiar shudder to pass before stepping into the brightly lit antechamber.

The west end was formed by a wall, on which stood four columns between antae; but the main entrance to this western compartment was through a large and very ornate doorway on the north; and a large Ionic portico, consisting of four columns in the front, and one in the return on each side, was placed in front of this door.

I moved to the kitchen doorway while she removed the muffins.

Bagration appeared in the doorway of the anteroom without hat or sword, which, in accord with the club custom, he had given up to the hall porter.

St Michael's church in East Teignmouth was rebuilt in 1824 in Decorated style, but retains a Norman doorway and other ancient portions; of St James', in West Teignmouth, the south porch and tower are Norman.

Jenn paused in the doorway of the gym.