Sentence Examples with the word donkey

C. sylvicultor, of West Africa, is the largest species, and approaches a donkey in size.

I'll race the miserable wooden donkey any day in the week! cried the cab-horse.

Every beast, camel, cow, sheep, donkey and horse is made to pay.

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Domestic animals include the horse and donkey in the plateaus, but baggage animals are rare in the coast-lands, where the tsetse fly is found.

One-sixth to be deducted off wire rigging, wire ropes and wire hawsers, chain cables and chains, donkey engines, steam winches and connexions, steam cranes and connexions; other repairs in full.

But the supply of suitable animals is not good, and their cost is large; so the breeding of donkey stallions has been undertaken at the Hissar farm in the Punjab.

Mr. Wade sent Neddy to me, and he is the prettiest donkey you can imagine.

Records of these journeys, and of the innocent adventures which they encouraged, were given to the world as An Inland Voyage in 1878, and as Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes in 1879.

The camel, the horse and the donkey are the draught animals; the flesh of the first Geology and Geography of Arabia Petraea, Palestine and adjoining Districts (London, 1886).

One day, while her pony and her donkey were standing side by side, Helen went from one to the other, examining them closely.