Sentence Examples with the word done with

Twisting it round and round he gets a large drop of the fluid to adhere to the dipper; still twisting it round to prevent it falling he brings the drop over the flame of the lamp, and twirling it round and round he roasts it; all this is done with acquired dexterity.

The first year the crop would be free from weeds, the second year only those grew whose seeds were wafted or carried by birds, the third year the crop required hoeing, which was done with sticks, and then the space was abandoned for new ground.

The same is done with beef and camel's flesh.

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The same might be done with dianthuses or the larger narcissi in the second row, with paeonies, columbines and phloxes in the third, and with delphiniums, aconitums and some of the taller yellow composites as helianthus and rudbeckia at the back.

You know Kris.ll kill her when he.s done with her.

Some of the principal phenomena of magnetism may be demonstrated with very little apparatus; much may be done with a small bar-magnet, a pocket compass and a few ounces of iron filings.

As, however, most of the work has been done with regard to antitoxin production we may consider here the theoretical aspect of the subject.

Even the simple, everyday task was done with his flawless, effortless movement.

When you're done with the dishes, let me know.

This has been done with success and in great detail by Grisebach, whose Vegetation der Erde from this point of view is still unsurpassed.