Sentence Examples with the word donated

Hannah held one of the lanterns donated to their exiled party by the Sanctuary.

I see a benevolent individual has donated a significant amount in memory of my mother.

I thanked him for his generosity and donated a hundred dollar bill to his mission.

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It was his first home-cooked meal in memory, if you could discount the occasional donated casseroles from Fred O'Connor's lady friends.

He'd made a courtesy call on Mrs. Glass who had promptly donated a vacant furnished apartment for his use.

He munched on a leftover casserole some thoughtful neighbor had donated to poor hero Fred and was about to doze when the telephone startled Mrs. Lincoln from his lap.

The pope and other sovereigns donated vast sums for this new bulwark of Christianity, but, as its ramparts grew in strength, the knights were slow to seek the enemy in his own waters, and became false to their traditional strategy as a naval power.

At year's end, the bills, totaling a substantial amount, would be culled and donated to charity.