Sentence Examples with the word dolomite

C. Churchill, The Dolomite Mountains (London, 1864); Max Haushofer, Tirol (Bielefeld and Leipzig, 1899) J.

C. Churchill, The Dolomite Mountains (1864); A.

At Moriah and Port Henry, in Essex county, is a stone known as ophlite marble, a mixture of serpentine, dolomite and calcite interspersed with small flecks of phlogopite.

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The midland plain curves northward between the outcrop of the Dolomite on the west and the Oolitic heights on the east.

These follow conformably on the Dolomite series.

Then follows a mass of dolomite and unbedded limestones containing Hippurites and evidently of Upper Cretaceous age.

For basic linings, magnesia crystallized in the electric furnace is being extensively used, replacing dolomite to some extent (see E.

The coal-fields on the eastern side, from the Tyne nearly to the Trent, are sharply marked off on the east by the outcrop of Permian dolomite or Magnesian limestone, which forms a low terrace dipping towards the east under more recent rocks, and in many places giving rise to an escarpment facing westward towards the gentle slope of the Pennine dales.

On the west the belt is narrow, but towards the east it gradually widens, and north of Lago di Garda its northern boundary is suddenly deflected to the north and the zone spreads out so as to include the whole of the Dolomite mountains of Tirol.

Calcium carbonate, CaCO 3, is of exceptionally wide distribution in both the mineral and animal kingdoms. It constitutes the bulk of the chalk deposits and limestone rocks; it forms over one-half of the mineral dolomite and the rock magnesium limestone; it occurs also as the dimorphous minerals aragonite (q.v.) and calcite (q.v.).