Sentence Examples with the word dollar

The schools are maintained chiefly out of the proceeds of a district school tax, which must not be less in any district than seven hundred and fifty dollars for every dollar of public taxes apportioned to the town or district, a proportion which has gradually increased from five to one in 1789 and from ninety to one in 1817.

Katie called before Carmen left the airport and said she wanted to take the children to Silver Dollar City with her.

Before stooping to retrieve them, she handed three one hundred dollar notes to Cynthia.

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You couldn't bear to let loose of a ten dollar cigarette tin.

That was the sixty-four dollar question.

The principal occurrences have been the final compounding of the old state debt at fifty cents on the dollar in 1882, the rapid growth of cities, and the increased importance' of mining and manufacturing.

The world has become a seamless market where moving items around is so cheap and easy that we make things that cost a dollar (or a dime, or a penny) in distant lands and transport them to where they are wanted.

There was no native coinage, the French 5-franc piece or dollar being the standard, and all sums under that amount were obtained by cutting up those coins into all shapes and sizes, which were weighed with small weights and scales into halves, quarters, eighths, twelfths and twenty-fourths of a dollar, and even reckoned down to the seven hundred and twentieth fraction of the same amount.

I thanked him for his generosity and donated a hundred dollar bill to his mission.

It was the million dollar question.