Sentence Examples with the word doings

The story of St Paul's doings there illustrates this fact, and the sequel is very suggestive, - the burning, namely, of books of sorcery of great value.

The best known of such works are Rules for the Conduct of Kings, translated from the Bali, and The Maxims of Phra Ruang, the national hero-king, on whose wonderful sayings and doings the imagination of Siamese youth is fed.

After continued representations by the newspapers, more publicity was given to their doings in the later stages of the war.

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The Roman annalist had not, like the Greek, to deal with the varying fortunes and separate doings of a number of petty communities, but with the continuous life of a single city.

The little that is known concerning the doings of the natives before the appearance of the white man belongs to the domain of ethnology rather than of history.

It is chiefly during the first period that those leaders flourished whose names and doings have been associated with all that was really influential in the exploits of the buccaneers - the most prominent being Mansfield and Morgan.

Neither is the gap in the account of his doings after he first went to the court of Milan really so complete as has been represented.

In September 1876 the massacre of a large number of girls (who had married men of their own age instead of the men of an older regiment, for whom Cetywayo had designed them) provoked a strong remonstrance from the government of Natal, inclined as that government was to look leniently on the doings of the Zulu.

The wild doctrines of Thomas Miinzer and the Zwickau prophets, merging eventually into the excesses of the Peasants' War and the doings of the Anabaptists in Minster, first roused Luther to the dangerous possibilities of mysticism as a disintegrating force.

The French plundered the churches, abolished monks, nuns and nobles, and set up forthwith the ways and doings of the French Revolution.