Sentence Examples with the word doesn't

Dumb doesn't get you all that stuff.

You know Martha; she doesn't do no very well.

The only problem is that it all doesn't fit into your preconceived plans.

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According to Corday, Shipton doesn't remember anything about the fall and doesn't even remember saying anything to me at the scene.

First, the king doesn't answer to people and therefore is not required to take their well-being into account when deciding whether to wage war.

If he doesn't drive her as crazy as he does me, divvy up shifts with him, he said.

Well, it doesn't matter anyway, I suppose.

Because he doesn't want to get married and I'm not going to force him into it by making him feel guilty.

Naw. He said Julie never talks about that old stuff and my guess is he doesn't want to open a can that might be messy.

But you have a new family now, and it doesn't sound crazy to me at all.