Sentence Examples with the word documentary evidence

The first attempt to deal with the subject on documentary evidence is A.

Besides the two royal seals of Anglo-Saxon kings noticed above there are extant a few other seals, and there is documentary evidence of yet others, which were Anglo- used in England before the Norman Conquest; but Saxon the rarity of such examples is an indication that the private employment of seals could not have been very seals.

The plot was betrayed to Cicero, at whose instigation documentary evidence was obtained, implicating Lentulus and others.

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The commencement of this king's reign has been fixed by Noldeke (Geschichte der Sassaniden aus Tabari, p. 423) as 4th August 438; and this date has subsequently been established by documentary evidence from the fact of the martyrdom of Pethion (see Hoffmann, Ausziige aus syrischen Akten persischer Mdrtyrer, p. 67).

There is documentary evidence of a castle at Nantwich in the 13th century.

Marie Jeanne, in fact, took great care of the child's person, and there is documentary evidence to prove that he had air and food.

Some doubt has been raised as to the validity of the consecration of Peterson's successor, also named Lawrence Peterson, in 1575, from the insufficiency of the documentary evidence of the consecration of his consecrator, Paul Justin, bishop of Abo.

The statement that he was nominated archbishop of Bordeaux during the last year of life is unauthenticated by documentary evidence and is in itself extremely improbable.

In dealing with documentary evidence he sought to apply very stringent rules: - (1) Carefully distinguish between original authority and historical memorials or aids; for example, between a fact recorded at firstor secondhand knowledge, and a decision of principle by authority.

Before her relatives could be brought to countenance his pretensions, Kepler was obliged to undertake a journey to Wurttemberg to obtain documentary evidence of the somewhat obscure nobility of his family, and it was thus not until the 27th of April 1597 that the marriage was celebrated.