Sentence Examples with the word doctor's degree

In the convent, his modesty was so great that he refused to accept the doctor's degree in theology, which is the highest prized honour in the order.

He was ordained in 1523, and soon after he took his doctor's degree in divinity.

MARIUS SOPHUS LIE (1842-1899), Norwegian mathematician, was born at Nordfjordeif, near Bergen, on the 17th of December 1842, and was educated at the university of Christiania, where he took his doctor's degree in 1868 and became extraordinary professor of mathematics (a chair created specially for him) four years later.

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Late in the same year, accordingly, he entered the medical school of Padua, where he remained until 1505, having taken meanwhile a doctor's degree in canon law at Ferrara on the 31st of May 1503.

In 1853 he was appointed assistant, and in the following year won a doctor's degree with his treatise Nova elementa Thetidis.

The university of Paris was so impressed by his arguments, that in 1387 it formally condemned the Thomist doctrine, and a century afterwards required all who received the doctor's degree to bind themselves by an oath to defend the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception.

He became aspirant repetiteur at the lycee of Rheims in 1853, and after holding several intermediate positions was appointed in 1862 to the professorship of chemistry in Sens lycee, where he prepared the thesis on electromotive force which gained him his doctor's degree at Paris in the following year.

He took his doctor's degree in 1843, and almost immediately received an appointment as assistant-surgeon at the Charite Hospital, becoming pro-rector three years later.

He continued his studies, and after obtaining the doctor's degree at the Sorbonne, he was appointed teacher of German in the Ecole militaire at St Cyr, and shortly afterwards, professor of foreign literatures at Douai.

He was educated at the Maronite college in Rome, and, after taking his doctor's degree in theology and philosophy, returned for a time to his native land.