Sentence Examples with the word dizzy

Maybe being so dizzy is an act with her.

The blood drained from her head, leaving her dizzy and disoriented.

I know; I'm not jelouss, but you and Martha have this thing between you that goes so far back I get dizzy thinking about it.

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Back in his bedroom, Dean wondered through a dizzy fog if his nose and cheek were broken.

She sat back, dizzy with effort.

She felt dizzy from breathing off the top of her lungs.

Not expecting the dizzy spell, she staggered against the car, cringing away from Czerno as he snatched her arms and dragged her to the house.

Jule sat back on his haunches, dizzy with the abrupt return of his power.

It made her dizzy just to see the magazine pictures of the climbers, she'd said.

And suddenly remembering his intention he grew dizzy and felt so faint that he leaned against the fence to save himself from falling.