Sentence Examples with the word divisional

Krauss blames his divisional commanders, who, he says, were opposed to these tactics, and could not make up their minds to a resolute attempt.

After serving as divisional chief of the staff in Poland, he went to Orenburg in 1858 as assistant to the commander of the line of the Syr-Darya, and the following year commanded an expedition to support the Kirghiz tribes on the borders of the Sea of Aral against the Khivans.

The lean-to house is in most respects inferior to the span-roofed; one of the latter could be converted into two of the former of opposite aspects by a divisional wall along the centre.

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The fortress artillery was weak in numbers and out of date; it consisted (at a generous estimate) of 70 guns (including the divisional field artillery), of which the heaviest were the 12-cm.

Indo-Chinese (1) Tibet-Burman family sub-family (2) Siamese-Chinese sub-family (3) Mon-Annam sub-family Railways Divisional Headquarters O District Headquarters .....

Perioeci might serve as petty officers or even rise to divisional commands, especially in the fleet, but seemingly they were never set over Spartiates.

Petitti had established his divisional command far forward on Monte Novegno, where it came under the heaviest shell-fire.

These boards levy, through municipal or divisional councils, a rate for school purposes and supervise all public and poor schools.

According to the Sentinel, Parkside had won the divisional baseball title, thanks heavily to Randy, so she should be home from State College.

The subjects delegated to the councils include direct taxation within the provinces for local revenue pur p oses, the borrowing of money (on the sole credit of the provinces) with the consent of the ministry; agriculture (within the limits defined by parliament) and municipal institutions, divisional councils, and other local institutions.