Sentence Examples with the word divisibility

From this point of view the atomic doctrine might be regarded as a relic of the old numerical way of conceiving magnitude, and the opposite doctrine of the infinite divisibility of matter might appear for a time the most scientific. The atomists, on the other hand, asserted very strongly the distinction between matter and space.

This is the doctrine of the infinite divisibility of bodies, and it is in direct contradiction with the theory of atoms.

In truth therefore these attributes do not belong to body at all; and if we go on in the same way testing the received qualities of matter, we shall find that in the last resort we understand nothing by it but extension, with the secondary and derivative characters of divisibility and mobility.

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Evidently upon his and view of conscious experience, of the world of imagination, ti such infinite divisibility must be a fiction.

Metals were used for money at an early stage of civilization, and are well suited to the purpose, owing to their great intrinsic value and their durability, indestructibility, divisibility and rarity.

The divisibility of magnitudes; imaginary, where it cannot, e.g.

Stimuli applied generally, not unilaterally, in most cases induce increased divisibility of the cells of the part.

The attempt to apply numerical methods to the comparison of geometrical quantities led to the doctrine of incommensurables, and to that of the infinite divisibility of space.

Tests of Divisibility 3.4.6 49.

Thus the direction of true scientific progress was for many ages towards the recognition of the infinite divisibility of space and time.