Sentence Examples with the word diversity

The alimentary canal of the Pectinibranchia presents little diversity of character, except in so far as the buccal region is concerned.

Pro vincial control has caused some diversity of management; the interpretation of the denominational agreement has led to acute differences of opinion which have invaded the field of politics.

We can all contribute to helping maintain genetic diversity locally.

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Associated with this diversity of habitat is great variety in general form and manner of growth.

Here we meet with a great diversity of types: oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur and other elements may, in addition to carbon, combine together in a great number of arrangements to form cyclic nuclei, which exhibit characters closely resembling open-chain compounds in so far as they yield substitution derivatives, and behave as compound radicals.

This class shows much greater diversity of organization than any other, and the classifications proposed by recent writers, such as E.

There is a diversity of underwater habitats present there.

On assuming the directorship of the Nautical Almanac he became very strongly impressed with the diversity existing in the values of the elements and constants of astronomy adopted by different astronomers, and the injurious effect which it exercised on the precision and symmetry of much astronomical work.

The bewildering diversity of religious beliefs collected under the name of Hinduism has no counterpart amongst the Mahommedans (see Mahommedan Religion), who are limited as to their main tenets by the teaching of a single book, the Koran.

In the degree of mobility there is great diversity among pupae.