Sentence Examples with the word diversified

The surface is not so level and monotonous as it appears on many maps; for, although there are scarcely any running streams, it is diversified by a few lakes, of which Bacalar and Chichankanab are the largest, as well as by low isolated hills and ridges in the W., and in the E.

In breadth, the surface of -which is diversified by the low hills of Ilkhuri-alin, Khulun and .Turana.

The surface of the island is undulating and diversified by low hills, the highest point being Bukit Timah, on the N.W.

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The Black river furnishes water-power which is utilized by manufacturing establishments of diversified character.

The surface is diversified by vales, meadows, sand-dunes and tidal marshes.

In South America the species of parrots, though numerically nearly as abundant, are far less diversified in form, and all of them seem capable of being referred to two, or, at most, three sections.

The island is beautifully diversified with hill and dale, and well watered with numerous small streams, of which the most considerable is the Tungkiang, falling into the harbour of Tinghai.

The surface is generally flat (only a few sand-hills rising to any height) and is diversified by moor, fen, lakes and forest.

Between the Chiquitos sierras and the Andes are the Llanos de Chiquitos, which have a higher general elevation and a more diversified surface.

In extreme height, and much more picturesque, being diversified by rocks and woods.