Sentence Examples with the word diversely

The policy of fusing Greeks and Orientals again is diversely judged.

The part which Alvaro de Luna played has been diversely judged.

His unresolved antithesis' is interpreted either diversely or with a 1 Or antitheses.

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The names are diversely given, but probably the combat was only one incident in the long wars of the Camerons with the great Clan Chattan confederacy.

Though the exterior is more uniform than in most groups of Crustacea, the bivalved shell or carapace may be strongly calcified and diversely sculptured (fig.

Neither were they united by a common educational method, the end and the instruments of education being diversely conceived by Protagoras, Gorgias and Isocrates, to say nothing of the wider differences which separate these three from the eristics, and all the four normal types from the abnormal type represented by Socrates.

In recognizing, further, that the relation of an actual individual fact to its sufficient ground was not reducible to identity, he set a problem diversely treated by Kant and Herbart.

Some twelve martyrs at least perished in 1539-1540, and George Buchanan, whose satires on the Franciscans delighted the king, escaped to France, in circumstances which he described diversely on different occasions, as was his habit.

One and the same vulgar tongue, diversely modified in the lapse of time, has produced Castilian and Portuguese as two varieties, while Catalan, the third language of the Peninsula, connects itself, as has already been pointed out, with the Gallo-Roman.

The community which sprang up around it was diversely called Esseveldoburg, Eselsfleth and Ezeho.