Sentence Examples with the word divan

Amongst her publications are: Poems from the Divan of Ilafaz (translations, 1897), The Desert and the Sown (1907); The Thousand and One Churches (with Sir W.

Virtually every car he owned confirmed he was a 'player'. The Lovebirds had started a fire and were sitting on the divan in front of it.

MA.) 1 The divan in this sense has been known in Europe certainly since about the middle of the 18th century.

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Incensed by the debasing of the coinage, which robbed them of part of their pay, they invaded the Divan clamouring for the heads of the sultan's favourite, the beylerbey of Rumelia, and of the defterdar (finance minister), which were thrown to them (April 3, 1589).

As president of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, Franklin signed a petition to Congress (12th February 1790) for immediate abolition of slavery, and six weeks later in his most brilliant manner parodied the attack on the petition made by James Jackson (1757-1806) of Georgia, taking off Jackson's quotations of Scripture with pretended texts from the Koran cited by a member of the Divan of Algiers in opposition to a petition asking for the prohibition of holding Christians in slavery.

The first named were charged with the duty of revising and duly executing the decisions of the divan respecting the assignment of lands to warriors and the apportioning of conquered territories.

The existing laws and statutes of both principalities were to be revised by a European Commission, sitting at Bucharest, and their work was to be assisted by a Divan or national council which the Porte was to convoke for the purpose in each of the two provinces, and in which all classes of Walachian and Moldavian society were to be represented.

The divan of the Sublime Porte was for long the council of the empire, presided over by the grand vizier.

Below these were a number of subordinate officers who acted as their assessors and were known as boiars of the Divan (Boiari de Divanu).

The divan accompanied the sultan on military expeditions.