Sentence Examples with the word ditto

P, n, Ditto of short-styled form.

Sir Peter (D): Sir Harry (D), Archduke (D), Ditto (D), Paris (D), Hermione (0), Parasite (0), Ambrosio (L), Fyldener (L), Paulina (L), Petronius (L).

I I Gall-producing Root-infesting 2 1 ditto A.

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G, Level of stigma; S, level of anthers; P, N, pollen grains and stigmatic papillae of long-styled form; p, n, ditto of short-styled form.

Avoirdupois; the libra, 1.014 lb avoirdupois; the quintal, 101.44 lb avoirdupois; the arroba, 25.36 lb avoirdupois; ditto of wine, 6.70 imperial gallons; the gallon, 74 of an imperial gallon; the vara, 927 yard; and the square vara, 859 square yard.

From 1881), and ditto for the city (pub.