Sentence Examples with the word disunion

At an assembly of 1629, Lubeck, Bremen and Hamburg were entrusted with the task of safeguarding the general welfare, and after an effort to revive the League in the last general assembly of 1669, these three towns were left alone to preserve the name and small inheritance of the Hansa which in Germany's disunion had upheld the honour of her commerce.

He did this, as he himself said, not for his own honour nor for that of his family, but in order that disunion should not prevail in Israel.

According to Bede, however, the kingdom was in a state of disunion from the death of Cenwalh to the accession of Ceadwalla in 685, who greatly increased its prestige and conquered the Isle of Wight, the inhabitants of which he treated with great barbarity.

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If a religious union had been effected between Egypt and northern Syria, political disunion still remained; and the Franks were safe as long as it lasted.

In December 1860, when South Carolina adopted its ordinance of secession, Tyler, though sympathizing with the state, took': firm ground against disunion and exerted himself in behalf of peace.

It was saved by the imbecility and disunion of the hostile powers.

This and other issues produced complete disunion in the Liberal party.

So long as he held aloof from Ledru-Rollin and the more radical of his colleagues, the disunion resulting weakened the government; as soon as he effected an approximation to them the middle classes fell off from him.

That this recognition had not already been accorded before the collapse of the Central Powers began was due to disunion among the Yugosla y s themselves.

The political disunion of the Greeks was to some extent neutralized by the rise of Athens to a leading position in art, in literature and in philosophy.