Sentence Examples with the word disturbing

We must imagine him devoted to the great task which he had set himself to perform, with a mind free from all disturbing cares, and in the enjoyment of all the facilities for study afforded by the Rome of Augustus, with its liberal encouragement of letters, its newlyf ounded libraries and its brilliant literary circles.

In acoustics we meet with the case where a body is urged towards a fixed point by a force varying as the distance, and is also acted upon by an extraneous or disturbing force which is a given function of the time.

She apologized for disturbing them, and set the tray on the wicker table, explaining they were fresh and had just been delivered by a neighbor.

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People are always disturbing him, answered Pierre, trying to remember who this young man was.

For a moment it was a disturbing thought that Alex was influencing him that way.

It was disturbing to think that he believed she didn't want to be with him.

Rudigier, bishop of Linz, was summoned to a criminal court for disturbing the public peace; he refused to appear, for by the concordat bishops were not subject to temporal jurisdiction; and when he was condemned to imprisonment the emperor at once telegraphed his full pardon.

In the particular case where the motion is of the kind known as simple harmonic the disturbing force on the frame due to the reciprocation of the weight is equal to the component of the centrifugal force in the line of stroke due to a weight equal to the reciprocated weight supposed concentrated at the crank pin.

After absorption into the blood, the acetates are oxidized to carbonates, and therefore are remote alkalies, and are administered whenever it is desired to increase the alkalinity of the blood or to reduce the acidity of the urine, without exerting the disturbing influence of alkalies upon the digestive tract.

There is no reason for disturbing the associations connected with this II.