Sentence Examples with the word district

ELLAND, an urban district in the Elland parliamentary division of Yorkshire, England, on the Calder, 22 m.

A system of wires, similar to that which connects the district exchanges in an area, links together the various local areas in the territory, and sometimes the territory of one administration with that of another.

The city is a trading centre for the rich agricultural and fruit-growing district by which it is surrounded, has good water-power, and is an important manufacturing centre, its chief manufactured products being cereal health foods, for which it has a wide reputation, and the manufacture of which grew out of the dietetic experiments made in the laboratories of the sanitarium; and threshing machines and other agricultural implements, paper cartons and boxes, flour, boilers, engines and pumps.

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SEDGLEY, an urban district of Staffordshire, England, between Dudley and Wolverhampton, in the parliamentary borough of Wolverhampton.

Besides the mines in the Newcastle and Dundee district there are extensive coal-fields at Hlobane in the Vryheid district and in Zululand (q.v.).

Indo-Chinese (1) Tibet-Burman family sub-family (2) Siamese-Chinese sub-family (3) Mon-Annam sub-family Railways Divisional Headquarters O District Headquarters .....

It is a district of poor streets, inhabited by a labouring population employed in leather and other factories, and in the Surrey Commercial Docks and the wharves bordering the river.

Made him ban of SzOreny, the district lying between the Aluta and the Danube, a most dangerous dignity entailing constant warfare.'with the Turks.

So omnipotent is art; which in many a district of New Bedford has superinduced bright terraces of flowers upon the barren refuse rocks thrown aside at creation's final day.

At length Commandant Paul Kruger called cut the burghers of his district and entered into the strife.