Sentence Examples with the word distraught

Maybe he was so distraught that he turned to Dulce for comfort.

He seemed now frightened and distraught and now unnaturally animated and enterprising.

He was happy to be out of the dining room where Brandon Westlake and Pumpkin Green, both distraught over Billy Langstrom's death, were pressing Dean for details.

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After a brief closed-door session with a distraught Leland Anderson, a press conference was called and held at headquarters.

And, if first impressions meant anything, as Dean believed they did, this woman was sincerely distraught over her husband's disappearance.

Howie was distraught over the encounter and Martha, apologetic over wasting the day.

When she opened her eyes, she was distraught to see the cozy living room of her father's apartment.

Rissa stood near a large wardrobe, as pale and distraught as she had appeared the night before.

He shook his head, obviously still distraught by the mere thought of it.

The paper says she was extremely distraught and sedated, and under a suicide watch.