Sentence Examples with the word distraint

Failure to pay them did not lead to confiscation, but they were collected by suit and distraint like any debt.

The method of recovering rent charge under the Commutation Acts was distraint where the rent charge is in arrear for twentyone days after the half-yearly days of payment, and entry and possession with power of letting if it is in arrear for forty days, and arrears for two years are so recoverable: this power of distress and entry extends to all lands occupied by the occupier of the land whose tithe is in arrear as owner or under the same landlord; but no action lies against the owner or occupier of the land personally.

An unwarranted seizure for debt was fined, as was the distraint of a working ox.

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At one assembly there about a century before Christ, a uniform law of distraint for the whole of Ireland was adopted on the motion of Sen, son of Aige.

If he failed to pay his rent, however excessive, his property was rendered liable to distraint and his person to imprisonment.