Sentence Examples with the word distaste

His irrespressible and often daring humour, together with his frank distaste for much conventional religious phraseology, was a stumbling-block to some pious people.

The amount of distaste in the Watcher's voice amused him.

By the distaste in his voice, he wasn't happy about it.

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Mary and the lords still in her council ordered Knox not to preach while she was in Edinburgh, and he was absent or silent during the weeks in which the queen's growing distaste for her husband, and advancement of Rizzio over the nobility remaining in Edinburgh, brought about the conspiracy by Darnley, Morton and Ruthven.

Like a great many other youths with an eminent destiny before them, Burke conceived a strong distaste for the profession of the law.

He touched her neck, and she waited, assuming he'd take blood from her despite his distaste of alcohol.

The Holy See had always regarded with distaste the existence in the West of a nation who repudiated the Roman obedience, and lived in schismatical independence, under local ecclesiastical customs which dated back to the 5th century, and had never been brought into line with those of the rest of Christendom.

His father, who was an attorney of substance, had a distaste still stronger for so vagrant a profession as letters were in that day.

He spent his time over books and in long daydreams, and evinced the strongest distaste for business and all the more bustling pursuits of life.

He soon retired from the public service; he conceived a great distaste for it, and had shown himself defective in discipline and regularity.