Sentence Examples with the word dissipation

Associates with rise in potential gradient a reduced number of both positive and negative ions and a diminished rate of dissipation whether of a negative or a positive charge.

The rise in q and Q indicates that the diminished rate of dissipation is most marked for positive charges, and that negative ions are even more reduced then positive.

Further, the greater the dissipation of energy the less is the prominence of the amplitude of vibration for exact coincidence over the amplitude when the periods are not quite the same, though it is still the greatest for coincidence.

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Observations on the Sonnblick agree with those at low-level stations in showing a diminution of dissipation with increase of relative humidity.

After two hours' exposure, it is wrapped round a frame supported in a given position relative to Elster and Geitel's dissipation apparatus, and the loss of charge is noted.

Thus at Innsbruck Defant (45) found the mean dissipation on days of Fain fully thrice that on days without Fan.

Also it requires a long series of years to give thoroughly representative results for any element, and few stations possess more than a year or two's dissipation data.

Will give a general idea of the relations of potential gradient to dissipation and ionization.

The dissipation and extravagance of his youth exceeded all limits and surprised his contemporaries.

Simspon concluded that for a given wind velocity dissipation is practically a linear function of ionization.