Sentence Examples with the word dissimilar

The laws and regulations were generally very concise revelations, but most of them have been amalgamated with other pieces of similar or dissimilar import, and are now found in very long suras.

Two dissimilar types are noticeable among the Rumans.

The average energy of a medium containing a mixture of dissimilar elements possesses in this respect only a very secondary interest.

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He is definitely anti-Platonic, and his language sometimes takes even a nominalistic tone, as when he declares that the species is nothing more than a thought or conception gathered from the substantial similarity of a number of dissimilar individuals.

The simplicity of the zonal distribution of solar energy on the earth's surface, which would characterize a uniform globe, is entirely destroyed by the dissimilar action of land and water with regard to radiant heat, and by the influence of crust-forms on the direction of the resulting circulation.

The dissimilar races that compose the population of Mexico have not been sufficiently fused to give a representative type, which, it may be assumed, will ultimately be that of the mestizos.

Let us now note what is least dissimilar in these heads--namely, the two most important organs, the eye and the ear.

During the middle ages the wealthy free towns of Flanders flourished under conditions not The dissimilar to those of the Italian republics.

The lord of the manor with his officials and retainers, the peasantry bound to him by ties of personal dependence and mutual rights and obligations, constituted a little world, in which we can watch the play of motives and passions not so dissimilar as we are sometimes led to believe from those of the great modern world.

Is located at the junction, or, in other words, that the conversion of heat into electrical energy occurs at this point of the circuit, or is due to the contact of dissimilar metals.