Sentence Examples with the word dissenting

By degrees his type of theology superseded Arianism in a considerable number of dissenting congregations.

They were introduced in the House of Representatives by John Breckinridge on the 8th of November, were passed by that body with some amendments but with only one dissenting vote on the loth, were unanimously concurred in by the Senate on the 13th, and were approved by Governor James Garrard on the 16th.

The greater part of the clergy of the church felt that to surrender their accustomed formularies was to surrender somewhat of the belief which those formularies signified, while the dissenting clergy were equally reluctant to adopt the common prayer book even in a modified form.

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He continued to take an active part in the affairs of the church, and introduced in 1649 the practice, now confirmed by long usage, of dissenting from the decision of the Assembly, and requiring the protest to be entered in the record.

Westminster is the seat of the Roman Catholic archbishopric in England, and Southwark is a bishopric. Among the numerous chapels of dissenting bodies there may be mentioned the City Temple, Congregational, on Holborn Viaduct; the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Baptist, in Southwark, the creation of which was the outcome of the labours of the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon (d.

He exerted great influence both among dissenting ministers and among clergy of the established church.

In these days he lived at Tooting, and was instrumental in forming a dissenting congregation there.

He was then sent to Samuel Jones's dissenting academy at Gloucester, and afterwards at Tewkesbury, where his most intimate friend was Thomas Secker, who became archbishop of Canterbury.

Thus between the year 1811 (the date of the Methodist secession) and 1832 (the year of the great Reform Bill), the number of dissenting chapels had risen from 945 to 1428: a truly marvellous increase even allowing for the speedy growth of population, since every chapel so built had of necessity to be well attended in order to render it self-supporting.

When the legal tender decision was reversed after the appointment of new judges,1871-1872(Legal Tender Cases, 12 Wallace, 457), Chase prepared a very able dissenting opinion.