Sentence Examples with the word disseminating

The Anabaptists of Germany had spread into France, and were disseminating many wild and fanatical opinions among those who had seceded from the Church of Rome.

In 1754 for the instruction of artists, and for disseminating a taste for the fine arts among manufacturers and operatives.

They were, moreover, the most active agents in disseminating such teachings in Russia and among all the nations of Europe.

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Just as books were the means of multiplying, cheapening and disseminating ideas, so engravings on copper or wood were the means of multiplying, cheapening and disseminating images which gave vividness to the ideas, or served, for those ignorant of letters, in their stead.

Just as the Internet facilitates trade by providing objective information, it also does so by disseminating subjective information about products.

Education, and even secondary education, a privilege of the wealthier classes; neglect of primary education, coupled with suppression by the ministry of public instruction of all initiative, private and public, in the matter of disseminating education among the illiterate classes - these were the distinctive features of the educational policy of the last twenty years of the 19th century.

The Yue-Chi were probably the principal means of disseminating it in India, though all movements 'which kept open the communications between Bactria and Persia and India must have contributed, and the first introduction was' due to the short-lived Graeco-Bactrian conquest (180-130 B.C.).

These societies had their origin in the associations formed in the middle of the 19th century for the purpose of disseminating information regarding bankruptcies, assignments and bills of sale.

Insects, indeed, are largely concerned in disseminating Fungi, either on their bodies or via the alimentary canal.

It can hardly be said that the science has advanced beyond the stage of disseminating a knowledge of the laws of heredity, so far as they are surely known, and endeavouring to promote their further study.