Sentence Examples with the word disseminated

Nature therefore has provided various contrivances by which their seeds are disseminated beyond the actual position they occupy.

TANNIN, or Tannic Acid, the generic name for a widely disseminated group of vegetable products, so named from their property of converting raw hide into leather.

A pamphlet by him, entitled The Crime against Ireland and how the War may right it, appealing for a German-AmericanIrish affiance, was disseminated in the United States as part of the German propaganda.

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There was disseminated mineralization within the bedded succession of shales, cherts and tuffs.

The chief occurrences of metallic iron are as minute spiculae disseminated through basaltic rocks, as at Giant's Causeway and in the Auvergne, and, more particularly, in meteorites (q.v.).

The answers will be disseminated in other ways.

As small concretionary nodules, it occurs disseminated through sandstone at Kommern in the Eifel.

The decision was disseminated appropriately.

Four distinct types of reef gold deposits may be distinguished: (I) Gold may occur disseminated through metalliferous veins, generally with sulphides and more particularly with pyrites.

In 1486, the year following the accession of Henry VII., rumours were disseminated by the adherents of the Yorkist dynasty that the two sons of Edward IV., who had been murdered in the Tower of London, were still alive.