Sentence Examples with the word disseminate

In addition to the educational work done by the state, communes and private individuals, there exist in France a good many societies which disseminate instruction by giving courses of lectures and holding classes both for children and adults.

They started to disseminate what they had learned to others.

We can disseminate learning through other conferences.

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Proceeding to Christiansand in 1804, Hauge set up a printingpress to disseminate his views more widely, but was almost immediately arrested for holding illegal religious meetings, and for insulting the regular clergy in his books, all of which were confiscated; he was also heavily fined.

The newsletter provides a valuable resource to disseminate good practice.

Euyfvr t s, well born), the modern name given to the science which deals with the influences which improve the inborn qualities of a race, but more particularly with those which develop them to the utmost advantage, and which generally serves to disseminate knowledge and encourage action in the direction of perpetuating a higher racial standard.

Before the meeting they needed to disseminate information relevant to all non-principals via the non-principal newsletter.

He was commissioned to inquire into the religious condition of the land and to disseminate the teaching of the Law to which he had devoted himself (Ezra vii.).

Their job was to disseminate propaganda and information.

Ere long permissive legislation strove to disseminate the new principles.