Sentence Examples with the word disrupt

Pierce had no scruples against slavery, and opposed anti-slavery agitation as tending to disrupt the Union.

Dean called Sheriff Weller, concerned that Jerome Shipton would further disrupt Bird Song but Weller could offer little help.

If I can't disrupt the war between Others and Watchers, it's an option.

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Prosperity requires civil liberties, prosperity thrives under lower taxes, and prosperity shrivels as wars disrupt the free flow of labor and capital.

I hope to disrupt whatever it is they've got planned for tomorrow night.

The Oracle wasn't intimidated by Xander; she wasn't about to let him disrupt her day, a thought he heard when they were touching.

He threw on a jacket and left, aware Sasha couldn.t leave the castle grounds without forfeiting his life and wouldn.t dare disrupt the Immortals for fear of Kris.s wrath.

It would disrupt the balance between good and evil, rupture the gates between worlds.

We only need a few to disrupt the Watchers' plan.

It wasn't like Alex to let anger disrupt his schedule.