Sentence Examples with the word disrespectful

It would be disrespectful of Cade for her to do anything but defend his honor.

As an ardent Languedocian he hated the French, and spoke openly of the king in disrespectful terms. But when he tried to organize a general rising of the south, he was denounced to the king, perhaps by his old enemies the count of Foix and the bishop of Toulouse.

They told him that Khalid had used disrespectful terms in speaking of the caliph, and that he had appropriated revenues belonging to the state.

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It contained many and terrible truths as to the royal refusal to sanction the decrees and as to the king's position in the state; but it was inconsistent with a minister's position, disrespectful if not insolent in tone.

You were so busy directing my life that it never occurred to you that you were being disrespectful of me.

It's disrespectful to both of us.

Cade was her boss, and thinking such things was not only disrespectful of him, but job threatening as well - especially if he suspected the existence of such thoughts.

Actually, Dulce had been disrespectful with every look and word.

Among other things, it was disrespectful to Alex.

To this heathen chief the Imam of the Moslems sent a messenger, inducing him to attack the prince of Khwarizm, who already had provoked the Mongolian by a disrespectful treatment of his envoys.