Sentence Examples with the word disregarded

But there are also papers which cannot be disregarded in Monthly Notices and Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society, and in Astronomische Nachrichten.

The text finally followed in printing was that of Van der Hooght - unpointed however, the points having been disregarded in collation - and the various readings were printed at the foot of the page.

From the moment that Arnold of Brescia, absorbed in his chimerical project of reviving the ancient Roman republic, disregarded the imperial power and neglected to shelter himself behind the German in his conflict with the priesthood, his failure was certain and his fate foredoomed.

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The prohibition of wine is, however, generally disregarded except by very orthodox Sikhs.

More recently these catadioptric microscopes were disregarded because they yielded unfavourable results.

They were hated by the Hindus as barbarians who disregarded the caste system and despised the holy law, and for centuries an intermittent struggle continued between the satraps and the Andhras, with varying fortune.

But all these warnings were disregarded with a blindness as great as was the incapacity that allowed the Mutiny to gather head unchecked after its first outbreak at Meerut.

The Venetian clergy, a few religious orders excepted, disregarded the interdict, and discharged their functions as usual.

Gilbert himself absolutely disregarded authority, and accepted nothing at second-hand.

In 1486, 'but the provisions of this instrument being disregarded by such men as Robert (d.