Sentence Examples with the word disraeli

But when these arrangements were brought to the point of completion, Disraeli dropped out of the scheme and had nothing more to do with it.

The success of his orations caused Disraeli to offer him the bishopric of Peterborough.

Returning to a quiet life at Bradenham - an old manor-house near High Wycombe, which his father had taken - Disraeli put law in abeyance and resumed novel-writing.

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Dr Smiles, in his Memoirs of John Murray, tells of certain pamphlets on the brightening prospects of the Spanish South American colonies, then in the first enjoyment of emancipation - pamphlets seemingly written for a Mr Powles, head of a great financial firm, whose acquaintance Disraeli had made.

Taken from the life by Disraeli himself, accompanied by one or two members of the Young England party of which he was the head, it was the first of its kind; and the facts as there displayed, and Disraeli's interpretation of them - a marvel of perceptive and prophetic criticism - opened eyes, roused consciences, and led direct to many reforms.

But for Ixion in Heaven, The Infernal Marriage, and Popanilla, Disraeli could not be placed among the greater writers of his kind; yet none of his imaginative books have been so little read as these.

It was a more mature Disraeli who in the general election of 1837 was returned for Maidstone as the colleague of his provi dential friend Mr Wyndham Lewis.

Benjamin Disraeli chose the title of earl of Beaconsfield in 1876, his wife having in 1868 received the title of Viscountess Beaconsfield.

Even among his friends in youth (Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer, for example), and not improbably among the city men who wagered their p Y g Y g money in irrecoverable loans to him on the chance of his success, there may have been some who compassed the thought of Benjamin Disraeli as prime minister and peer; but at no time could any fancy have imagined him remembered so enduringly as Lord Beaconsfield has been.

Following the example of Disraeli in 1868, he resigned without meeting parliament.