Sentence Examples with the word disqualification

Among other features of interest the constitution forbids the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, makes duelling a disqualification for holding office or exercising the right to vote, and authorizes the exclusion of atheists from office.

But this disqualification is removed by the Naturalization Act 1870.

Hook finds in the fact of the marriage corroboration of Cranmer's statement that he never expected or desired the primacy; and it seems probable enough that, if he had foreseen how soon the primacy was to be forced upon him, he would have avoided a disqualification which it was difficult to conceal and dangerous to disclose.

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In 75 he was consul, and excited the hostility of the optimates by carrying a law that abolished the Sullan disqualification of the tribunes from holding higher magistracies; another law de judiciis privatis, of which nothing is known, was abrogated by his brother.

They may dispense with the disqualification of a parish or district councillor arising only by reason of his being a shareholder in a water company or similar company contracting with the council, and, as has above been stated, they have large powers of altering the boundaries of parishes.

The qualification and disqualification of district councillors, whether urban or rural, now depend upon the Local Government Act 1894.

Chinese or persons of Mongolian 1 This disqualification and much other legislation were due to the large Mormon population in Idaho.

There are some exceptions to this provision somewhat similar to those already mentioned with respect to the disqualification of members of the council.

Parliament subsequently, by a new act, permitted affirmations to be used, and thenceforward religion, or the absence of religion, was no disqualification for a seat in the House of Commons.

In 1893 the disqualification was made no longer retroactive, the two-year clause was omitted, and the test oath covered only present renunciation of polygamy.