Sentence Examples with the word disposable

The constant a has the same value I 2 for crown and flint glass, so that there are only three disposable constants left.

She held up a disposable camera.

Xander made love to her like she was the only one in his world of disposable girls.

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We also bought some disposable bowls.

Carmen pitched the disposable diaper in the trash and hefted Destiny from the changing table.

Interesting. You don't realize you're disposable to me.

The expression 2 is that of the number of the disposable constants in a curve of the order m with nodes and cusps (in fact that there shall be a node is I condition, a cusp 2 conditions) and the equation (9) thus expresses that the curve and its reciprocal contain each of them the same number of disposable constants.

Racing to the dairy, she jerked out a drawer and removed the book, some disposable gloves, a pair of scissors, some cord and a bottle of iodine.

If anyone could trace a disposable phone, they could.

Charles was disposable to him.