Sentence Examples with the word dispenser

She was blamed for her friendship with the comtesse de Polignac, who loved her only as the dispenser of titles and positions; and when weary of this persistent begging for rewards, she was taxed with her preference for foreigners who asked nothing.

He was also the dispenser of office, confirmer of hereditary titles and estates and the fountain of justice.

It flattered his vanity to pose before the world as the dispenser of benefits; but his theoretical liberalism was mated with an autocratic will which brooked no contradiction.

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This undeniable Providence, the supreme dispenser of our destinies, becomes in the natural course the common centre of our affections, our thoughts, and our actions.

He held that, though Christ was God and man from his birth from the Virgin, he only attained his complete deification and glorification by his ascension, and that it is in the estate of his celestial Vergotterung or glorification that he is the dispenser of his divine life to those who by faith become one with him.

It is clear, however, that the god was credited with special skill in magic, both in England and Germany, while the story of the Langobardic migration (see LOMBARDS) represents him as the dispenser of victory.

Weller asked, eying the dispenser suspiciously.