Sentence Examples with the word dispense with

One-way ploughs also leave the land level and dispense with the wide open furrows between the ridges which are left by the ordinary plough.

Any private persons, and any corporation or company may, with the consent of the council, obtain the like authority, but the Board of Trade have power in certain cases to dispense with the consent of the local authority.

History Logic cannot dispense with the light afforded by its history so long as counter-solutions of the same fundamental problems continue to hold the field.

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It is clear that the knowledge of function (physiology) did not by any means keep pace with the knowledge of structure, and this was probably the reason why the important sect of the empirics were able entirely to dispense with anatomical knowledge.

It is conceivable that a pope of Boniface VIII.'s temperament would not submit kindly to any restriction of the discretionary power with which he was invested by tradition, and he endeavoured to make the cardinals dependent on him and even to dispense with their services as far as possible, only assembling them in consistory in cases of extreme necessity.

But the attempt to maintain the empire in its unity proved impracticable; and almost immediately there began the embittered war, waged for several decades by the generals (diadochi), for the inheritance of the great king.2 It was soon obvious that the eastern rulers, at all events, could not dispense with the native element.

At the end of the year (1845) Comte had taken no steps to enable himself to dispense with the aid of the three Englishmen.

But it is rare to find these combined in a very high degree, and out of them we can least easily dispense with fidelity.

On the death of Marcellus, which took place within a year, he was recalled to Rome by Augustus, who found he could not dispense with his services.

The needs of the god were much the same as those)f mortals; no more than they could he dispense with food and Irink, clothes for his apparel, ointment for his limbs, and music tnd dancing to rejoice his heart.