Sentence Examples with the word disowned

Hope Smith, the governor of Cape Coast, disowned the treaty, as betraying the interests of the natives under British protection.

They were eventually disowned by the more reputable Jansenists, and were severely repressed by the police.

After three years' tenure of office Jason was supplanted by the Benjamite Menelaus, who disowned Judaism entirely.

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He is the father of the church's science; he is the founder of a theology which was brought to perfection in the 4th and 5th centuries, and which still retained the stamp of his genius when in the 6th century it disowned its author.

He quarrelled with and was disowned by his family.

I heard they disowned mom after she married Dad.

He disowned his legates, who had shown a tendency to yield, again excommunicated Photius, and thus aroused the open hostility which has never been appeased to this day.

Born to a wealthy merchant family, she'd been disowned when it became known what kind of deformed child she bore.

He is therefore a Chasid of the ancient type, and glorifies the ideals which were cherished by the old Pharisaic party, but which were now being fast disowned in favour of a more active role in the political life of the nation.

His patron, Lord Oxford, disowned him, and the poet, whose health was failing, retired to Bath.