Sentence Examples with the word dismissed

Lathum dismissed the subject with a shrug.

Dean dismissed the comment with a wave of his hand, sorry he'd opened his mouth.

Walpole bent before the storm and abandoned the measure; but Chesterfield was summarily dismissed from his stewardship. For the next two years he led the opposition in the Upper House, leaving no stone unturned to effect Walpole's downfall.

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Josh dismissed him, starting for the porch again.

Andre dismissed the praise with an easy smile.

In October 1679, the circumstances which led Charles to desire to conciliate the opposition having ceased, Shaftesbury was dismissed from his presidency and from the privy council; when applied to by Sunderland to return to office he made as conditions the divorce of the queen and the exclusion of James.

He dismissed them as the idle talk of jealous nobles at court, who'd wanted him to marry one of their daughters instead.

On the 19th of May he was dismissed the privy council and ordered to leave London.

His powerful reasoning excited among the Roman youth an enthusiasm for philosophical speculations, and the elder Cato insisted on Carneades and his companions being dismissed from the city.

In 1770 he was invited by the duke of Grafton, when Camden was dismissed from the chancellorship, to take his seat on the woolsack.