Sentence Examples with the word dismantled

Formerly it was fortified, but after the change in the defensive system of Belgium in 1858 the fortress was dismantled and its ramparts superseded by boulevards.

To construct a military port; but the fortifications were dismantled in 1688, and further damage was inflicted by the English in 1758.

At the beginning of the 12th century war broke out between Como and Milan, and after a ten years' war Como was taken and its fortifications dismantled in 1127.

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In 871 Paestum was sacked and partly destroyed by Saracen invaders; in the 11th century it was further dismantled by Robert Guiscard, and in the 16th century was finally deserted.

They dismantled the tent in silence and returned with it to Dean's campsite.

In 1648, at the close of the war, it was dismantled by order of parliament.

Retaken by Gwenwynwyn in 1197, it was dismantled by Llewelyn, prince of N.

Though regiments were disbanded, fleets put out of commission and fortresses dismantled to save the cost of their upkeep, the Crown paid nearly 10o,000 yearly for the maintenance of this new hierarchy, and squandered untold wealth on the erection of churches and monasteries.

The 2nd and 3rd counting from the west - had been dismantled at an early date, and their site was traversed by a roadway winding upward towards the Cronion.

The castle, founded by the Breton Juhel, lord of the manor after the Conquest, was already dismantled under Henry VIII.; but its ivy-clad keep and upper walls remain.