Sentence Examples with the word disloyalty

Humphrey had charged his uncle with disloyalty to the late and present kings.

The Federal Attorney-General, his assistant and the 88 U.S. district attorneys were flooded with silly complaints and beset by unofficial disloyalty hunters and amateur detectives, but kept their heads in most cases remarkably well, as did most of the judges.

His principal difficulties were due to the aggressiveness of Muscovy and the disloyalty of Prussia.

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But henceforth there were two parties among the prophets of Yahweh themselves, the new prophets accusing the old of imposture and disloyalty to Yahweh, and these retaliating with charge of disloyalty to Israel.

For the rest of his reign Henry was ruler of all the old dominions of the Conqueror, and none of his subjects could cloak disloyalty by the pretence of owing a divided allegiance to two masters.

After America's entrance into the war they were frequently charged with disloyalty and in many towns attempts were made to suppress them.

The expedition of Epaminondas in 363) that there was ground for suspecting disloyalty in many quarters.

No acts of disloyalty were proved against them, and commissioners of the National Assembly reported to its successor that their flocks only desired to be let alone.

Hermocrates, the best of counsellors for external affairs, is suspected, and seemingly with reason, of disloyalty to the democratic constitution.

Odo, bishop of Bayeux, William's half-brother, lost favour and was finally thrown into prison on a charge of disloyalty (1082).