Sentence Examples with the word dislodge

After a full minute of tugging and grunting she managed to dislodge the ax from the wood.

Unable to dislodge the Illinois, the Pottawattomies cut off their escape and let them die of starvation.

It got hung up on a stump and she had to yank from another direction to dislodge it.

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She couldn't dislodge the image of Jule from her mind.

Lana struggled hard without being able to dislodge the muscular man.

On the 13th of May and on the 10th of June he successfully withstood the attacks of Tripolitan forces sent to dislodge him.

Massena failed to dislodge the Allies, and on the 8th of May withdrew to Salamanca, Almeida falling to Wellington on the r ith of May 181 r.

In the first the smaller disk was placed on the top of the rod, and the object of the player was to dislodge it with a cast of the wine, so that it would fall with a clatter on the larger disk below.

Demosthenes was left behind in this fort, and the Spartans promptly withdrew from their annual raid upon Attica and their projected attack on Corcyra to dislodge him.

Nor has the continent, as a whole, in recent times been subjected to any violent earth tremors; though in 1873, to the north of Lake Amadeus, in central Australia, Ernest Giles records the occurrence of earthquake shocks violent enough to dislodge considerable rock masses.