Sentence Examples with the word disjunction

This act, which applied to the disjunction and erection of parishes, introduced a simpler form of procedure, and to some extent dispensed with the consent of the heritors, which had been required under the earlier statute.

Seats, seat rents, pews, the union and disjunction of parishes and formation of district parishes are of secular jurisdiction.

The process is to take as far as possible the form of a continuous disjunction of contraries.

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The dialectical doctrine of judgment as the declaration of one member of a disjunction by contradiction, which is later so important, is struggling with one of its initial difficulties, 2 viz.

He alone is capable of truth in the due conjunction or disjunction of names in propositions.

Where there has been a union or disjunction and erection of parishes the evidence of the boundaries is the relative statute, order in council, or decree of commission or of court of teinds.

Synthesis as the work of thought always supplies, beside the mere conjunction or disjunction of ideas, a ground of their coherence or non-coherence.