Sentence Examples with the word disinterestedness

His name, however, is identified with great causes, justice to the Jews and humanity to the Indians, and the fact that he was in advance of his age led to many of his troubles, while his disinterestedness in money matters is deserving of all praise.

Through lassitude or disinterestedness the men of 1791, Oh Robespierres suggestion, had committed one last mistake, by leaving the task of putting the constitution into practice to new men even more inexperienced than themselves.

He was avaricious, but his church policy (see article English History) shows a disinterestedness as rare as it was honourable.

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It is not possible to acquit Schelling of a certain disingenuousness in regard to the Hegelian philosophy; and if we claim for him perfect disinterestedness of view we must accuse him of deficient insight.

Sunderland inherited his father's passion for intrigue, while his manners were repelling, but he stands high among his associates for disinterestedness and had an alert and discerning mind.

The Parisians received the news of the event with joy, believing that freedom was now at last to be established on a firm basis by the man whose name was the synonym for victory in the field and disinterestedness in civil affairs.

Of England with his barons; it was because of his justice and his disinterestedness that he was appealed to as a trusted mediator.

As to his personal integrity and disinterestedness there has never been the slightest doubt.

Thanks to Hughs support and to the good offices of Otto and his brother Bruno, archbishop of Cologne and duke of Lorraine, Lothair was chosen king and crowned at Reims. Hugh exacted, as payment for his disinterestedness and fidelity, a renewal of his sovereignty over Burgundy with that of Aquitaine as well; he was in fact the viceroy of the kingdom, and others imitated him by demanding indemnities, privileges and confirmation of rights, as was customary at the beginning of a reign.

His conduct had destroyed his old reputation for disinterestedness and honesty.